Q: How often will you come to clean my windows?

A:We give you a choice of monthly, bi-monthly or just a one off clean for your regular annual spring cleaning.

Q: How does the water-fed pole system work?

A:In short, pure water is produced from a reverse osmosis water purification system, removing all impurities from the water leaving it 100% pure. With the aid of a soft brush this ensures a spot free finish after the windows have dried naturally. Please note windows stay cleaner for longer than with traditional methods because bacteria which dirt sticks too, is removed by the pure water. More information on the science of this method is available upon request.

Q: What type of payments do you accept?

A:Currently we accept cash, cheque or bank transfer (BACS) as payment. However, we are currently looking in to alternative payment options such as debit and credit card payments at the door or on-line. Please let us know what you prefer.

Q: Can you give me a quote over the phone?

A:Unfortunately, a quote over the phone is very misleading and most times inaccurate. As a result we do not provide quotes over the phone. We will require a visit to your property to assess the cost of the services you require. We want to make sure the quote given is appropriate for the size and accessibility of your windows and home. Please note this is a free no obligation service we provide with no pressure to commit. We want you...to want us!

Q: What if it rains, will you still come and clean my windows?

A: With our methods, rain does not effect the finished result. However, for our sake if the rain is heavy or persistant we may reschedule with yourselves for the nearest convenient date. For more information on cleaning in bad weather please contact us.